Ashley Jones

Owner of SoulFULL Medicine and intuitive tarot reader at Dragonfairy Body & Soul.

Ashley is a spiritual life coach, motivational speaker and intuitive healer. She specializes in clearing generational curses that plague modern day society. Through formal education, independent study, and her own life experiences, Ashley has been able to guide many clients through difficult times and/or trauma. She stands behind always being a safe and comfortable ally for her clients to work out their life's battles away from pressure or judgement. Her guidance will encourage you to look at things and situations with deeper meaning to target underlying issues that may have once been hidden, therefore leading each client to experience profound healing.

Formal Education:

Studied Physics at Jackson State University (Bachelors of Science Degree in Physics)

Studied Material Science at Saginaw Valley State University (Masters)

Services: $75 for 60 minute sessions (prices may vary for select services)

Life Coaching

Healing Sessions

Motivational Speaking

Spiritual Science Classes

Custom Medicine Bags

Tarot Readings

Follow Ashley on Instagram @moondaygoddess

To contact or book a session with Ashley please call Dragonfairy Body & Soul at (209) 463-1871

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