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Paige Gregorio

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Owner of Dragonfairy Body & Soul, Paige is a healer & intuitive.


Reiki Healings

Spiritual Consultations

Candle Services

Custom Spiritual Baths

Reiki Healings - $65 (30 mins), $125 (60 mins)

Reiki is a form of energy healing. Through this service Paige will be clearing and cleansing the clients aura and energy centers within the body. Each of the seven chakras will be aligned and recharged. Every step taken by the practitioner will help clear away any unwanted blockages the client may be experiencing so that the energy of all things love and light will flow smoothly!

Spiritual Consultations - $25 (15-30 mins)

This service is for anyone seeking counsel regarding their own spiritual growth, healing and/or manifesting. Spiritual consultations are used to go over what a client is experiencing and what areas of their life they may need assistance with. Paige will be able to assist each client using her own services or direct you to a healer who best suits your spiritual needs.

Candle Services - $35 (one candle), $50 (two candles), $75 (three candles)

Need help with calling in your manifestations? Through this service Paige will coach you through a three day spiritual cleanse and open you up to receiving gifts from the universe! Once your three day detox is complete, she will go to on your behalf using candles, prayer and intent. Examples of manifestations: prosperity, love, healing, protection

Custom Spiritual Baths - $25 (8 oz bag)

Get a spiritual bath made specifically for you and your needs! Using a blend of salts, herbs and essential oils, Paige will craft you a custom spiritual bath blend! Each bath blend is charged with reiki, healing crystals and intent!

Check out her page on Instagram @psgregorio & @dragofairybodysoul

To book an appointment with Paige call (209) 463-1871 or reach out to her on Instagram!

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