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Knock Knock Interactive Journals


I Totally Got This: You totally got this, you totally got this . . . Wait, do you? Embrace the power of positive thinking and get an ego boost in the pages of the latest Inner-Truth® Journal, full of upbeat prompts and motivating (but not mawkish) quotes. Now go get ’em.


I'm Grateful: Counting your blessings doesn't have to be blah, boring, or cloying. Okay Fine, I'm Grateful brings a dose of attitude to the notion of gratitude. Packed with quotes that'll make even curmudgeons see the good side, this uplifting log makes thanks-giving an everyday affair.


Gotta Have Hope: Journals have long provided a much-needed place for unalloyed honesty, but the Inner-Truth® Journals are themselves honest. With validating prompts and hopeful (but not hokey) quotes, you'll journal until you believe in the beautiful dream again, more or less.


Serious Me Time: Ugh, people. Ugh, noise. Ugh, life. Find some respite in the latest Inner-Truth® Journal, full of solitude-inspiring prompts and more than seventy soothing quotes. It's not running away from home and going off the grid forever, but it's pretty close.


  • Featuring over 70 encouraging, optimistic(ish) quotes
  • Radiate positivity (or something close to it) with Knock Knock journals
  • Paperback; 7 x 9.5 inches; 160 pages; full-color throughout; ribbon page marker


Knock Knock Journal